How This Works

Reclaiming your right to wealth...

The Audit

Our organization Wealth Recovery Initiative is led by our parent company KIM XI LEGACY ENTERPRISE LLC.

Our purpose is to audit thousands of governmental agencies across the country to locate sums of money owed to private individuals, their heirs, and companies. If these funds go unclaimed for too long, they are usually lost to the government agency holding them.  We conduct these audits on a monthly basis and work with a team of attorneys to ensure timely release of the funds by the agency.

Call Us!

Once we have vetted the amounts owed, we send letters, postcards, or make phone calls to notify you letting you know we have identified you as a possible recipient.  We  urge you to start your claim as soon as possible by calling us at (682) 651 – 7488.


Paperwork and Payment

Once you have spoken to one of our agents and verbally agreed to let us work your claim, we will set up a time for you to sign the paperwork that will allow us to get started.

After receiving our paperwork package, we will send a local notary to collect it from you and overnight it back to our office.

Our firm works on a contingent basis – there are no out-of-pocket expenses to you.

We’re paid ONLY upon successful collection of your claim.

We cover ALL expenses related to the claim until it is paid, and if the claim is unsuccessful you owe us nothing.

Claims are usually processed in 2-4 weeks, depending on the agency.